Medical Recovery Insurance offers an affordable alternative to short-term income protection
Our aim is to provide you with fast financial support should you need an operation or a medical procedure which requires a recovery time.

3 Levels of Cover to
choose from


Cover for Accident and Sickness
or Accidents Only


Easy to apply
No medical required

If you are self-employed or you do not have a sick pay scheme at work, then you might suffer from a reduced income for any of the following reasons:

  • Not being able to work

  • Statutory Sick pay (SSP) is currently £92.05 per week

  • Low wage earners may not even get SSP

  • The self-employed don't qualify for SSP

or should you have a limited sick pay scheme at work, then you might suffer from additional after treatment recovery expenses which can include:

  • Travel & parking pre and post-treatment. especially if you need specialised treatment not catered for in your local health area

  • Increased childcare costs or home help

  • Prolonged drug treatment

  • A recuperative holiday

Medical Recovery times are based on research and consensus guidelines in conjunction with Working Fit Ltd, a UK based consultant- led independent provider of advice on occupational health

Please note that any Planned Treatments at the time of purchase cannot be covered. Full terms can be found in our policy terms and conditions.

*In 2015/16 there were 40 per cent more operations ('procedures and interventions' as defined by Hospital Episode Statistics, excluding diagnostic testing) completed by the NHS compared to 2005/06, with an increase from 7.215m to 10.119m. Source NHS Digital, Hospital Admitted Patient Care Activity, 2015-16.