Financial Support After Surgery

Should you need an operation that requires a period of recovery then our plans are there to help you financially by paying you cash benefits.

Some extra financial support may be helpful for any of the following:

Follow up consultations and treatment after surgery

After many procedures, you will need to attend outpatient appointments and therapy sessions. These will involve travel costs and parking costs. They may have to be during work time, so you might miss work and could lose pay.

Additional treatment and medical aids

You may need therapy after a procedure, for example, physiotherapy, or even psychotherapy if you have been involved in a traumatic accident. The money you receive for your medical recovery insurance policy could help fund alternative or additional therapy at a convenient time to assist with a rapid and full recovery.

You may need temporary equipment or medical aids, such as a wheelchair, crutches or orthopaedic supports. Use your medical recovery insurance to get a lightweight folding wheelchair so your spouse can lift it into the car, or so you can self-propel instead of relying on others.

You may not be able to drive your manual car but could drive an automatic. Use your medical recovery insurance to hire a temporary automatic car while you recover.

Home help after Surgery

You may need a spouse or relative at home for a few days to help care for you. They may need to take time off work, so you can use your medical recovery insurance to help support them while they care for you.

You may be relatively independent after the procedure, but unable to clean or cook. Use your medical recovery insurance to pay for a cleaner, or pay for easy ready-made meals, takeaways or some meals out. You may not be able to care for pets and need to pay for kennel costs for several weeks. You may not be able to take your children to school, or to clubs and sports in the evenings and weekends. Use your medical recovery insurance to pay for taxis or buses.

Rest and recuperation after Surgery

A few days away can be the best way to recuperate, and let someone else worry about the cooking and cleaning for a few days. Use your medical recovery insurance to pay for a hotel break or holiday. You may just want to stay with relatives for a few days, and use the money to fund travel expenses and help with living expenses while you are there.

Let MyRecoveryCheque ease the financial strain of a hospital stay

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