Insurance Against Accidents

Benefits linked to your recovery time

  • You will get cash benefits linked to the recovery time of your operation.
  • You can choose either one of three levels of cover with Level 3 providing the highest benefits amounts.
  • Medical recovery times are based on research and consensus guidelines in conjunction with Working Fit Ltd, a UK based consultant - led independent provider of advice on occupational health.
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Examples of Common Accident Operations and
Medical Recovery Insurance Benefits

Medical procedures which have a recovery and return to light manual work in a few days Accident and Emergency Surgery to the eye muscles and lens, Surgery to the eardrum and ear canal, Gum surgery.Elective Surgery: Carpal tunnel release, Treatment for cataracts, Removal of the Tonsils, Angioplasty, Heart pacemaker insertions, Treatment for kidney stones, Key-hole surgery. £250 £350 £500
Medical procedures which have a recovery and return to light manual work in around two to three weeks Accident and Emergency Appendix removal, Open surgery to the windpipe, Surgery to the nose, jaw or mouth, Treatments for dislocated joints.Elective Surgery: Hernia repairs, Varicose vein surgery, Prostate gland surgery, Breast lumpectomies, Lip and Ear reconstructive surgery, Radiotherapy. £750 £1,000 £1,500
Medical procedures which have a recovery and return to light manual work in around one to two months Accident and Emergency Treatments for fractures of larger bones, Tendon or muscle repair procedures such as knee ligament repairs, Reconstructive surgery to the eye, Brain surgery.Elective Surgery: Hip and knee replacements, Treatment for slipped discs, Most open surgery to the abdomen, Abdominal hysterectomies, Surgery to the inner ear, All open chest surgery, Reconstructive breast surgery, Chemotherapy. £3,000 £4,000 £6,000
Medical procedures which have a prolonged recovery Accident and Emergency Complicated limb or joint reconstruction, Treating fractures by traction, Limb amputations.Elective Surgery: Major cancer surgery, Bone and spine fusions, Pancreatic surgery, Liver, heart and lung transplants. £10,000 £15,000 £20,000

Our Schedule of Procedures lists all operations and medical procedures covered by Medical Recovery Insurance and determines which benefits are payable for each procedure and can be found in the policy wording which will be sent to you when you buy a policy or by clicking here Accident only Schedule of Procedures.

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