Medical Recovery Insurance for your Business


The most significant time off work for an employee will be due to a medical operation or procedure.

Traditional income protection schemes rarely cover short-term absences and where they do, the cost can be substantial. MyRecoveryCheque gives peace of mind by providing cover to companies for staff absences following an operation or a medical procedure ranging from a few days to a few months or more at an affordable premium.

Should your employees require an operation or a medical procedure that requires time off work MyRecoveryCheque helps insure you by providing a cash benefit which is linked to the normal recovery time for their treatment.


MyRecoveryCheque is ideal for employers who are unable to shoulder the risk of providing sick pay above statutory sick pay rates, but who can afford the premiums of this policy.

Our plans provide the flexibility to allow cash benefits to be paid to be used to help fund SSP obligations, pay for additional sick pay benefits or to hire temporary staff.


In addition to covering operations and medical procedures which are not directly related to employment, occupational injuries such as fractured wrists arising from a fall, hernia repairs, shoulder muscle repairs and lacerations of longer than 5cms are covered according to their normal recovery times to light manual work.

Three levels of cover are offered for different income levels, with benefits matched to four durations of absence, a few days, two to three weeks, one or two months and prolonged absence.

Full terms can be found in our policy terms and conditions that you will receive when you take out your Medical recovery Insurance Policy.

Let MyRecoveryCheque ease the financial strain of a hospital stay

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